Please have a look at our Video on Degos Disease. A few facts.

Added 18th August 2016.

We have designed an information leaflet that people can download, so that we can spread the word about Degos Disease.

If you are attending an event, why not print off the leaflets and help us publicise the Disease. Alternatively send the leaflet in an email to your Countries Medical Doctor’s Association’s, so that they can be made aware of the Disease.

Added 3rd August 2016.

Cheryl Todd and I have been attending this conference for the past three days. If you’d like to see minute to minute photos and comments, check out on Twitter: @degosdisease. International Dermatology Patient Organisation ConferenceInternational Dermatology Patient Organisation Conference

Added 13th June 2015.

FOR THOSE IN THE USA WHO ARE PREPARED TO REGISTER: here is your chance to represent those of us who cannot be there to speak up for patients with Degos disease.

Added 9th January 2015.
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