In praise of Judith

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I have only time for a quick note before work. I saw Judith’s email a few moments ago about retiring from the Degos web site. It is sad but completely understandable. I think we can all agree Judith is a hero to us all. And Alan must be recognized for his dedication to the cause as well. I hope someone is able to take over the reigns from Judith. We all owe Judith and Alan a huge debt of gratitude. Were it not for this site, we wouldn’t have each other, and many of us may never have found legitimate information about Degos Disease on the internet.

- Steve

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Praise indeed for Judith.

Fully agree Saposch.

Were it not for this site when Charlotte and I were looking for answers that simply nobody else had, I don’t know what we would have done. To say the dedication that Judith and Alan have put into this community is immense is an understatement. Hopefully all of us will now step up to the mark and try to fill the void that will be left following Judith’s understandable decision. I want to put on record my personal thanks to Judith and Alan for all that they have done on our behalf in the past number of years.

Thankyou Judith and Alan.

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