Raising money for further research!

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Vanessa de Arce
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Hello Judith,

I have been wanting to get a message out to friends and family but I haven't been able to find that sample letter that you were kind enough to send to me a while back. I did actually save it on my old computer but I can't seem to find it. If possible you still have this sample message you sent to me at a couple of months ago could please resend it to me as I would like to base my message to everyone from it?
I am unable to donate anything myself at the moment with the expense of our new house but I will try to in the next couple of months.
I have been trying to think of different ways to try raising money - but am not sure exactly how to go by it. Even doing a biscuit/cookie sale??(like the Brownies and Girl Guides do) I know that they raise alot of money from doing runs like that.. I am going to try and do a study online, sometimes you can get good ideas! It would also help to have a group of people that could help with putting something like this together which I don't have, but I am sure this must be a way! I will let you know if I finally come up with something! :)

Best Wishes

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Raising money for further research!

You'll see that donations have been coming in (see the Donate page) in different amounts. Many thanks to all those dear people. Every little helps! :D

Another way to give would be a debit order (direct debit) directly to the Research Fund. Details below:

Bank :
First Direct
40 Wakefield Road
LS98 1FD

Sort code: 40-47-87
Account no: 32259486 (Savings)


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