Carlos from Texas USA

My name is Carlos and I am a 63 yr old male. I was diagnosed with Degos skin lessions in 1985 and in my opinion have been successfully treated by a caring dermatologist. But it was a rocky ride.

My wife first noticed the lessions, mostly on my back. My family doctor referred me to a local dermatologist who after a biopsy diagnosed it as Degos, explained that it was a chronic disease leading to death, that there was nothing he can do and wished me well. I went back to my family dr and told him that there should be something else we couild do beside sit and wait. He referred me to a Dr Lynne Roberts at the University of Texas Health Science Center who took a real interest. She did biopsies and took pictures, lots of pictures. The first course of treatment was to prescribe a blood thinner (can’t remember which) but after 9 months there was no change and more lessions appeared. She then took a biopsy of a new lession and of an older one. The new lession seemed to be inflamed, so she prescribed Plaquenil for inflamation. It worked. Lessions stopped appearing and I was taken off the medication after about a year.

I have had no new lessions since then and have had other complications. I feel healthy and blessed that Degos appears under control. Few drs knew anything about Degos at the beginnng and in my opinion the first dermatologist that I saw bordered on unethical the way he dismissed me to a low death with no hope for treatment. Lately (I get a physical every year) drs seem to know a little more about Degos and I sense a little more hope when they talk about it. Apparently more people have had the skin lessions with no other complications.

About ten years after I was treated my wife noticed lessions on my younger brother during one of his visits. Sure enough he was diagnosed with Degos lessions and successfully treated with Plaquenil, too, except that he had a new lession a few months ago but no treatment has been precribed – just careful watching.

Although there is very little experience with Degos, I hope the rest of you have results similar to mine. It’s been over 15 yrs since I had my last lession and so far so good.

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