I was first diagnosed with Degos Disease July of 2002, however, the I noticed the first two lesions in March of 2001. They itched terribly and I thought that perhaps I had been bitten by a spider or something. After a while, the itching stopped. The lesions did not change in appearance. In May of 2002 I noticed a 3rd lesion. I saw my Primary care Physician and she immediately did a biopsy. This biopsy was inconclusive. I then went to a dermatologist and had repeat biopsy done. This biopsy came back positive for Degos Disease. A MRI of the brain, cervical neck, lumbar and thoracic spine, an EGD and a colonoscopy did not show any evidence of systemic involvement. In addition, I had what seemed like a ton of blood work done. The blood work was negative for any other disease entity. To date, I have had three lesions. I am taking Tental 400 mg three times a day. My family and I participated in the DNA studies that are currently being done.

R.R. in Kansas

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