Steffi Germany

In year 2000, if I was 21 years old, I’ve got the degos diagnose. The doctor said, that this disease leads to death, so I was very shocked. Then I was in Universitätsklinik Würzburg for many tests, but my degos is only cutan. In the next year I had to take aspirin and pentoxiphillin. Nevertheless I catched 35 – 40 lesions.

If I was 22 I became pregnant. So I took off the medicin. In July 2002 my son Aaron was born. My last lesion I’ve got in my pregnancy. Since the birth of my son, I’ve dont got a new lesion, though I don’t took any medicin. This year in july my son will be two years old and often I have fear, that I have transmit my degosdisease, but my hope is that I have a benigne form of degos.

All patients I wish power and hope for life!


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