Stephanie USA

Hiyas! My name is Stephanie! I am a 23 year old stay at home mom. My son Sedric is the highlight of my life, along with my Superman (Chaz) & our goofy Boxer, Titus!

I was diagnoised around 1995, possible 1996 with Degos. I have seen a doctor at the University Of Chicago & one in my home town, who was pretty much dumbfounded about my condition!

I do have others in my family on my maternal side with some spots. I also have had a great Uncle that died from internal and external Degos, which was long before I was conceived! I actually seen the same doc that treated him…weird!

I guess I am just as curious as everyone else about Degos! I am interested in talking with outhers, so just e-mail or call me!!!

~ Lots of Love!

~ Stephanie

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genetic research

Added by debby0614 on 31st October 2013

Hi Stephanie, I hope this note finds you well. Your case, especially involving other family members, sounds perfect for the new research that is going on at the NIH in Maryland. I will be participating in this study and my doctor has asked if I could find some more willing patients in the US to also join in. It’s my understanding they would pay for all travel and such. Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at Thanks.

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