Susan USA

Hi, I was diagosed with Degos disease about 2½ years ago. I first noticed a sore on my arm that wouldn’t heal. I went to my regular doctor who then referred me to a dermatologists. After several biopsies of the spot on my arm and other spots on my legs the diagnosis came back as Degos.

I’ve had lots of testing since (including colonoscopy and very thorough eye exam) and so far have no systemic involvement.A few new lesions have appeared on my legs only. My sons, brothers and I are all participating in the genetic testing.

Currently I’m only taking a baby aspirin each day. I’m very interested in the research on the nicotine patch and would be willing to try that as a treatment. I’m hoping the research being done will provide a cause, other treatments and possible a cure at some time in the future.

I would like to give a big thank you Judith for all her work on our behalf. Also another big thanks to all of the researchers in Germany. Keep in touch everyone.

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