Donating to the Degos Disease Support Network will help us to provide information and support to sufferers of this rare disease, and will help to increase the levels of research into what causes it.


The following people have generously donated money to support our work, most recent donors listed first:

Donor Location Amount Date Comments
Diane Eagles UK £10 August 2016 Another kind gift from my school friend
Sam Preller Worthing, UK £5 June 2016 What kindness from someone I only met briefly today! Thank you, Sam.
Diane Eagles UK £10 Jan 2016 Another donation from Judith's lovely school friend
Stephen Poschmann USA £50 December 2015 Degos awareness
Diane Eagles UK £10 Oct 2015 Another donation from Judith's dear friend
Pearl Ross-Dale United Kingdom £20 May 2015 From a surviving Degos patient
Jean Tweedle Canada £75 May 2015 From Lyndsey's Nana
Cheryl's sister and husband Canada $100 CDN Dec 2014 For research into Degos disease
Jean Tweedle Canada $20 CDN Dec 2014 from Lyndsey's Nana
Laura Todd Canada £20 Dec 2014 from Lyndsey's sister
Stephen Poschmann USA £50 Dec 2014 Donation for Degos research
Jean Tweedle Canada £50 Dec 2014 from Lyndsey's Nana
Randy and Cheryl Agius Canada £300 Dec 2014 For research
Diane Eagles UK £20 September 2014 Further donation from Diane Eagles, a school friend of Judith's, year of 1962.
Cheryl Todd Ontario, Canada £300 November 2013 For the on-going research of Degos disease. To Judith Calder and all the doctors involved with many thanks for your time and effort. For our daughter Lyndsey whom we love dearly who was diagnosed with Degos Disease this year.
Brian Greene Ireland £20 November 2013 Jimmy Louth
Sue & Paul Caddick UK £585 May 2009 In memory of Rebecca and Beverley sponsor money collected for Kelly's bungee jump.
£100 Dec 2008 In loving memory of our darling daughter Bev who left us on 6th April 2002 at the age of 25.
Pearl Ross-Dale UK £30 May 2009 For Kelly's Bungee Jump
£50 Dec 2008 Lets find a cure
£30 Nov 2008
Bryn Makin UK £10 Apr 2009 Kelly's Bungee Jump
Judith Calder UK £25 Mar 2009 Kelly's bungee jump
Pauline Pearson UK £20 Mar 2009 Friend of Judith Calder
£20 Apr 2008 In support of Judith Calder
Oliver, Sarah, Emilia and Jemima Holden UK £75 Jan 2009 from Judith's son and family
Roberta Schilling USA £25 Jan 2009
Gilly and Nick Flather UK £20 Jan 2009 Judith Calder's sister and brother-in-law
Will, Louisa, Laurie, Dominic & Sebastian UK £75 Jan 2009 From Judith’s son and his family
Susan Leuck USA £50 Dec 2008 in honor of all the work Judith has done and in memory of Rebecca
£500 Apr 2008
Zelda Lipman South Africa £25 Dec 2008 Judith’s friend
Joe Murphy USA £75 Dec 2008
Richard Scanlon UK £10 Dec 2008
Shaun, Katie, Laura & Molly Edwardson UK £20 Dec 2008 In memory of our beautiful sister Rebecca Edwardson xx
Kristrun Kjartansdottir Iceland £70 Dec 2008
$500 Mar 2008 In memory of her son Jerry, who died from Degos disease on 8th January 2007, aged 26.
Bill & Anna Cole UK £50 Sep 2008 For Nick Francis. Happy Birthday!
Roger Givens USA £75 Aug 2008
Lisa Auvil USA £250 Aug 2008
Barbara Poland $2011 Jun 2008
Patricia Drury UK £10 May 2008 in support of Judith Calder
Chris Eastwood UK £40 May 2008 for Judith's teaching materials
Michael and Jenny Cooper UK £50 Apr 2008
Michael and Natasha Marks UK £30 Apr 2008
John and Sue Wilson UK £50 Apr 2008
Mark and Samantha Andrews UK £30 Apr 2008 In support of Nick Francis
The Elvins UK £100 Apr 2008 For Nick Francis
The Jacksons UK £50 Apr 2008 In support of Nick Francis
Elizabeth Seager UK £20 Apr 2008 In support of Nick Francis
Fiona Nelmes UK £30 Apr 2008 In support of Nick Francis
Mark and Avril Davis UK £100 Apr 2008 In support of Nick Francis
Anonymous UK £20 Apr 2008
David & Christine Stiles-Pickard UK £50 Apr 2008 In support of Nick Francis
Alan Combellack UK £100 Apr 2008 In support of Nicholas Francis
David Huggins UK £20 Apr 2008 Keep going Judith, God loves a winner.
Brian Greene Ireland €300 Mar 2008
Maria Zammit Gozo, Malta $1000 Mar 2008
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